Collection: the "Villain" Collection by Poeina

The public health crisis of Intimate partner violence, domestic violence and violence against women has increased dramatically over the course of the covid lockdowns. 

Touring and recording artist Poeina is unfortunately no stranger to this, as she has been recovering from a violent assault by her former music producer that left her permanently injured.  You can support the recovery of your favorite artist by purchasing from this collection as she grows through her own trauma into becoming an advocate for others.  

Don't Be A Villain reminds us that we all can do something to improve ourselves so that we don't become the victim or the villain.  Drugs, Alcohol, stress, anger, mental health and other factors can be managed to make this world a better place.  

If you need help go online to or call  800.799.SAFE

to hear Poeina's Original song "Villain" go to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or any streaming service where you listen to music!