Collection: "Unicorn" Collection by Poeina


Discover Poeina's Magical Creations

Welcome to Poeina's exclusive collection, where artistry meets imagination. Each item in her online catalog is meticulously designed or handmade by the talented artist and musician, Poeina. Embrace the essence of creativity and support independent art with every purchase.

Product Highlights:

1. T-Shirts:

  • Dive into comfort and style with Poeina's signature t-shirts. Each piece features the enchanting Unicorn logo—a symbol of magic and individuality. Available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every fan of unique, artistic expression.  

2. Mugs:

  • Start your day with a touch of whimsy. Our mugs showcase Poeina's Unicorn logo wrapped in vibrant rainbows and her distinctive name. Perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage while embracing the artist's vision.

3. Bags:

  • Carry a piece of creativity wherever you go. Poeina's bags are crafted to be both functional and eye-catching, featuring the iconic Unicorn logo that sparks joy and inspires wonder.

4. Original Merchandise:

  • Beyond t-shirts, mugs, and bags, explore an array of original merchandise items that reflect Poeina's unique artistic journey. From stickers to accessories, each piece is a testament to her creativity and passion for art and music.

Why Choose Poeina?

By choosing Poeina's merchandise, you are not only acquiring a piece of art but also supporting an independent artist and musician. Each purchase directly contributes to sustaining Poeina's creative endeavors, allowing her to continue sharing her unique vision with the world.

Join the Magic:

Unleash your imagination and explore Poeina's world of creativity. Whether you're treating yourself or finding the perfect gift, Poeina's merchandise is sure to enchant. Embrace the magic today and let Poeina's artistry inspire you.

Shop Now:

Visit her store and browse Poeina's collection of handmade and artist-designed items. From t-shirts to mugs to original merchandise, there's something magical waiting just for you. Experience the art of Poeina and support independent creativity with every purchase.